Juli Dewar

Co-Owner and Designer

Juli’s first involvement with 3 Marthas was over 28 years ago. She took a break to raise two children (now grown) and pursue her other passions of jewelry making and knitting.

We are excited to have Juli put her creative skills to work as head of design and product development. Juli’s head is always spinning with exciting new product and design ideas that she is eager to introduce to 3 Marthas.

She feels like she's come full circle-when Juli first started at 3 Marthas, she was making products for her and her friend’s babies, now she makes them for grandbabies!  While it’s hard to pick a favorite product, Juli LOVES the product that started 3 Marthas over 30 years ago, the Cuddle Dry Bath Apron! It was listed as one of Oprah’s favorite gifts for Mom in O Magazine’s May 2019 edition.  Check it out HERE!

Rachel Dougherty

Co-Owner & Head of Sales and Marketing

Rachel started with 3 Marthas in 2011 after moving home to Texas from New York City. Rachel is putting her corporate communications and public relations experience to use as head of sales and marketing for 3 Marthas.

She enjoys working on social media and email campaigns, attending markets and trade shows, coordinating photo shoots, facilitating production, as well as helping with design and other creative aspects of the business. Rachel loves to be part of a company that takes pride in, not only the appealing designs, but also the longevity and quality of the products.

Rachel has two small children that are 14 months apart! She has had so much fun using our products with her own little ones!  Her current favorite product (they are always changing) is our Everykid Towels, check them out HERE!

Abby Goyne

Co-Owner & Head of Finance

Abby joined the 3 Marthas team in 2011. After moving back to Texas from New York City, she quickly decided a corporate career in advertising was not her true passion. Abby was initially drawn to 3 Marthas because of the beautiful and high-quality baby products.

As head of the financial side of the company, Abby loves to be intricately involved in the day-to-day business operations of 3 Marthas. She also enjoys dabbling in design work and other creative projects that come with the job. Her organization skills keep 3 Marthas “crawling” along at a strong and steady pace!

Abby has two amazing kids and is enjoying using all of the 3 Marthas products with her precious crew. Abby recently invented a new 3 Marthas product out of desperation to keep her reflux babies dry! It is called the Burp Cloth Bib and it’s made from our popular burp cloth fabric.  You will not find a more absorbent bib on the market.  It’s a game changer if your little one spits up.  Check out the bib HERE. 

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